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Healthy Indoors FAQ

Our product has been approved by the EPA and Health Canada to kill COVID-19 because it has proven efficacy on killing other viruses which are known to be harder-to-kill. It also has proven efficacy against Human Coronavirus. The COVID-19 Coronavirus is a weak virus. Our product works by attracting to and thereby destroying the outer cell of the virus which ultimately kills them.
Our product is not for sale to the general public as it must be applied by trained technicians who use proper PPE to protect themselves, and with proper equipment for the application. If you are a Contractor who does other remediation work such as mold or fire, you may purchase our products through the Canadian Distributor.
Our technicians apply the product by hand, fogging machine and floor machine (where required) We use a 3 step process which ensures that as many surfaces as possible are reached and disinfected of organisms.
This is determined based on the size of the area and the number of surfaces requiring disinfection.
No. Our product does not contain any sodium hypochlorite. It is safe to use on any porous or non-porous surfaces without discolouring.
No. Our product has a mild pleasant odour when being applied. This odour dissipates once it is completely dry and leaves no lingering smell.

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