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About Healthy Indoors

Healthy Indoors is a subsidiary company of MoldCare. Our many years of experience in mold remediation, cleaning, disinfecting, rebuilding and restorations combined with our extensive training has given us the opportunity to test the quality and performance of several commercial anti-microbial remediation products. We have had superior results with Anabec's entire line of products for the past 5 years and feel that we are using the best products the industry has to offer.

About Anabec

In 1993, Anabec developed their Advanced Cleaning Solution. This product has proven to be the premier non-toxic microbial cleaner in the industry in the USA and it forms the cornerstone for the Anabec Systems Line of Commercial and Industrial Cleaners. Since it's inception, Anabec has continually created innovative products for the cleaning, restoration, microbial remediation and prevention marketplace. Anabec was a pioneer in the emerging indoor air quality industry, being the first company to promote the cleaning of a surface of organic debris prior to applying a protectant from microbial re-contamination. Anabec continues this tradition with their newest surface disinfectant Anasphere Plus the best defence against COVID-19 as demonstrated by the results of their independent laboratory testing of Anasphere Plus on the COVID-19 Coronavirus as detailed in our COVID-19 section.

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