The SARS-CoV-19 Coronavirus is a serious public health threat. Unlike many other viruses in our world, it is new, and we have yet to develop a vaccine for it or acquire human immunity to it. Because it is known to be transmitted by coming into contact with infected surface areas, Health Canada has recommended twice daily disinfection of all frequently touched hard surface areas.

Often times it is difficult in some settings to manually clean and disinfect certain surfaces in order to remove harmful microorganisms. With our spray fogging disinfection system we are able to reach in, around, under and behind many areas that are missed by hand cleaning. This further reduces the number of live microorganisms in the space that would normally be missed with hand wiping.

When it comes to a virus as deadly as COVID-19, we must take every precaution available to rid our indoor environments of the microorganism and reduce the spread of the disease.

We have chosen to use Anasphere Plus Disinfectant as our ammunition in the fight against COVID-19 because it has the best science behind it with the least impact on the environment and yet it is extremely cost effective.

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